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The City of St. Petersburg came to an initial agreement that would give the Tampa Bay Rays over $800 million for their stadium & and infrastructure with hundreds of millions more in discounts and incentives.


The cash alone would be enough to give every household $7000. While residents struggle to afford their housing costs the Rays pay $1 per year for their stadium.


The Rays should stay in St. Pete & and contribute to our city in the way all of us do, by paying their fair share.


Because baseball doesn't pay the rent!

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The Historic Gas Plant was a vibrant and thriving community of predominantly Black residents that provided homes, jobs, and business ownership opportunities, safe green spaces, places of worship, and cemeteries. The new development must be focused on former residents, their descendants, and the residents of South St. Petersburg through education on the history of this community and substantive economic welfare directed toward these residents. We believe that the only way to ensure the community benefits is to remain in control of the land through ownership and democratic processes to determine its present and future.


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