The census has the power to give your community a voice and to shape its future.


Participating in the census is how we make sure our communities are represented by people who listen to us and understand what we need!


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Racism is SIN.


It is the sin baked into all facets of American society. From the personal to the communal to the structural, America was built upon and persists in a system of racist sin. In the tradition of the world’s great prophets, we are calling for our nation to repent; to turn away from racism.




The LMPV Campaign is a faith-based movement to organize local communities of faith across the state to educate citizens on the importance of registering to vote, what their vote means, and ultimately to end the institutions and policies that contribute to the dehumanization of black and brown people.


The LA RED (Liberation. Action. Respect. Equity. Dignity) campaign works to create a platform for Faith in Florida’s immigration work throughout the state, with a broader vision for racial & gender justice. Through this platform, LA RED focuses nationally on dismantling the mass deportation machine and immigrant detention, ending local contracts with ICE, and stopping the cooperation between local governments and ICE. In parallel, LA RED pursues pro-immigrant legislation through national and local efforts, as well as through holding officials accountable to an agenda of keeping families together. Long-term, LA RED seeks to replace the dominant narrative of othering and criminalization, with one that affirms all immigrants are deserving of protection from unjust laws.


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