Take Action Against Gun Violence

HB 455

HB455 calls to have a special task force and a committee dedicated to looking at solutions to end gun violence. We are tired of living in fear and burying loved ones, so please vote in favor of HB 455 and help us build a better community.



We the people, need to have the power to shape policies & hold public officials accountable.

HB1 / SB484

This bill increases penalties on these already illegal offenses when they occur in the context of a protest, making it easier for law enforcement and prosecutors to have unbridled discretion to charge harsher penalties during a protest where law enforcement disagrees with the protesters’ message. (source: ACLU)

SB 90

Florida officials are planning to make limitations on the vote- by -mail process by  requiring voters to ask for a mail ballot every election year. This is a partisan influenced bill intended to help one party over another and a way to suppress votes. It is an attack against democracy. There is nothing wrong with the way the vote-by-mail process works so there is no legitimate reason for this bill.

SJR 854

An assault on the minimum wage amendments and working Floridians. It looks to reduce the minimum wage rate for prisoners in the state correctional system, for employees convicted of a felony, for employees under 21 years of age, and for other hard-to-hire employees. Leaves room to subjectively discriminate against those who are looking for employment. Everyone deserves minimum wage in order to be able to provide for themselves and their families. 

HJR 1461

Members of the school board of education will no longer receive payment for their duties and services.  Not all school board members are able to work for free, leaving the positions to only be taken by upper-class officials that have no intentions of advocating on behalf of brown and black students. This is an underhanded way of eliminating public education and getting rid of advocates for students in public schools.