Crist Talks Faith and Florida, at Religious Conference in Orlando

September 13, 2014


Former Governor Charlie Crist spoke to over 1,000 voters on Saturday night, in Downtown Orlando about his faith and vision for the future of Florida.


Crist along with Attorney General Candidate George Sheldon, attended the Faith Forum hosted at the St. John Missionary Baptist Church, hosted by the Faith in Florida organization. In addition to the two candidates for office, the forum also featured several local leaders from a wide range of religions as they delivered their message to the crowd.


While he didn’t mention his predecessor and November opponentRick Scott by name, Crist slammed the current administration’s stance on the restoration of voting rights for felons, immigration, and the protection of children.


“We need to have an executive branch of our government that really cares about kids again” he said “We’ve seen horrific cases at the department of children of families the last four years. You’ve hear about them you’ve read about them. They say the people you surround yourself with in your administration. You want to surround yourself with what John Kennedy said ‘the best and the brightest’. I did” giving credit to Sheldon who he appointed “and with your help and god’s blessing, I’ll do it again.”


The group in attendance came in the bus loads, and the venue was at capacity. They leaned to the left as they cheered Crist’s pledge to raise the minimum wage, healthcare, and supporting policies popular with the dreamers. “I did all of this as a Republican” Crist said “Imagine what I’ll do as a Democrat!”.


He drew a standing ovation from the audience when he talked about his faith…


“Like George (Sheldon), I was raised a Methodist. Raised with three sisters. It makes you appreciate women more and their rights. This I know about God. He is here. He is right here. God watches and he see leaders and what they do. And how they treat or mistreat his people and he’s not happy. But I have hope in 51 days, its coming and it’s good because God is good all of the time”