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The US Census Bureau has changed the deadline for completing the census from October 31st to September 30th. We are used to census takers coming to our door every 10 years, but in 2020 amidst the Covid-19 crisis, everything looks different. 


You might receive calls, emails, or text messages from the US Census Bureau to encourage you and your family to get counted, asap. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers to help you prepare and respond. 


 FAQs about the Bureau's 2020 Outreach Program:

Who can
expect an
email or
a text?
How do I verify that
the email is 
actually coming from the Census Bureau?
How do I verify that the text message is 
actually coming from the Census Bureau?
If I already responded, why am
I receiving
an email?
How did the
Census Bureau
get my email or
cell number?
I received an email and am not sure if I already responded. Should I still fill out the form?

In addition, the Census Bureau may call households as part of Non-Response Follow Up operations. Enumerators will call from their bureau-issued phones and, if the call goes unanswered, will leave a voicemail to contact one of the regional call centers. 


Need more info? Contact the Bureau at their support numbers


Most importantly, GET COUNTED TODAY!



Still wondering why it’s important to get counted by the Census? 


Listen to your Faith community.

The census has the power to give your community a voice and to shape its future.


Participating in the census is how we make sure our communities are represented by people who listen to us and understand what we need!


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