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The mission of Faith in Florida is to build a powerful multicultural nonpartisan network of congregation community organizations in Florida that will address systemic racial and economic issues that cause poverty for our families.  With multiple different religious denominations and faith traditions represented, Faith in Florida seeks to provide a prophetic, interfaith voice on civil rights restoration, immigration, and healthcare expansion. 

We believe that our faith calls us to unite our communities to speak with one voice, and constructively engage decision makers and institutions to address long standing issues that put social pressure on families. 

Faith in Florida provides leadership and training to congregations to learn the faith based organization model of the PICO National Network. We provide ongoing consultation to local organizations in leadership development, community outreach, teambuilding, organizer training, campaign strategy, nonpartisan voter engagement, and public action.  In addition, Faith in Florida builds partnerships with other organizations to create broader community impact and a better Florida for all.

We are part of the PICO National Network, with more than 1,000 member institutions representing one million families in 150 cities and 17 states.